Something about Me!

Hi folks, my name is Zoe Devitto!

I am a content marketing strategist for SaaS brands like FollowUpBoss, and more. On the personal front, I am a pho enthusiast and loves traveling around the world as a digital nomad. Connect with Me on twitter.

Where am I?

I have been working as a Content Strategist and Freelance Writer, hailing from one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam, which is also my second home Da Nang.

Probably one of the motivations getting me to this beautiful country is my passion for traveling around the world and recording what I witness as a digital nomad and my significant enthusiast for “Pho.”

 In Danang, I found myself able to satisfy these two hobbies since the scenery in Danang is breathtaking. I’ve fallen in love with its beach, pagoda, island, and hill. Besides, I can also travel to Hoi An Ancient Town anywhen possible as it is only about 30 kilometers from where I live. 

Danang also allows you to discover a diverse cuisine, and for a “Pho” enthusiast like me, I find the place hard to resist. Although Danang is not the “hometown” of Pho in Vietnam, Pho is still a popular dish, and the flavor is just as delicious as any elsewhere in this country. Apart from Pho, there are various dishes, which you may like, such as My Quang, Cao Lau, and the seafood here is incredible. 

Nevertheless, I believe you’re here to search for potential collaboration, right? Since that’s the case, let’s discuss further my background and reasons why association should be made! 

Why Would I BecomeYour B2B Content Bestie?

It is evident that excellent content is going to help your B2B website drive an increasing number of clicks and attract new users. What’s more, it is going to help your company in terms of generating high-quality leads and creating raving fans to your website, which is essential for any enterprise, I believe. 

Nonetheless, as entrepreneurs, I suppose that you are fully aware of your content’s role no matter what profession you are in. I would be here talking about collaboration by just mentioning facts you’ve already known. I’m here to explain why I will be your Content B2B Bestie. 

My Perspective Over Content Marketing and Why Is It Our Case?  

Entitling myself as a Content Strategist and Writer, I focus on what kind of outcomes at the end of every project I’ve been through because they are the best type of measurers of your work. 

Supposing that you have great ideas but poor methods of generating your ideas, your results would be far from living up to your expectations, and in my perspective, this is such a waste of resources, including time, money, and the creativity of your team. 

Speaking of results and my viewpoint towards it, I believe I have gained several achievements as a content marketer. The most evident proof resembling my saying about outcomes is my blog post for Single Grain. It has been ranked in the featured snippet box for the competitive key term – “SEO techniques” according to Google’s analysis and assessment. 

The blog post also reaches thousands of potential and current clients as the organic traffic it drives is valued at about 21000+, and the blog post receives approximately 3500 clicks per month. 

However, this post is only one in many of mine that is evaluated as effective! You can read three categories more, which are: Mistakes that Experienced Social Media Managers Avoid and SEO Myths That Are Destroying Your Optimization Strategy in terms of Blog/SEO; Vanity VS. Actionable Metrics In Marketing and A Data-Driven Guide to Your Email Marketing Strategy for 2021 for Online Marketing. In Branding, I’ve worked on these two Brand Building Strategies from Instagram and 9 Creative Ways to Feature Company Logos at Events

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With